The Elbow RoomFor more than 50 years, The Elbow Room has been a true McKeesport Tradition. We believe in great food at great prices, with outstanding customer service. It’s what keeps everyone coming back for fun and food.  The one and only owner, Jack Brusick, has spent decades making sure that his customers are happy.

When Jack first opened The Elbow Room in 1957, he knew what he wanted to achieve: to create a true neighborhood, family-and-friends kind of place. One of the very first menu items, breaded onion rings, was such a big draw that it brought people in from all over the Pittsburgh area.

Made-From-Scratch Meals and More

Eventually, as The Elbow Room grew more and more popular with help from friends and family, an event and party room was added so that our customers could enjoy their favorite foods with large groups for celebrations.

Jack knew that this restaurant would carry the best home cooking, but he also wanted it to be a friendly place that you would feel comfortable walking into. Instead of being a seafood place, or a steak joint, he decided to make everything. You’ll see fresh appetizers, pasta, steak, chops, pizza, seafood, and sandwiches on the menu. No matter how large your group is, there is something for everyone. That’s kept this restaurant great for more than half a century!